AIRCRAFT, RATES & STAFF - *Block Discounts Available

Cessna 162 Skycatcher

Our new 2012 C-162 Skycatcher is the premier Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) used in our Sport Pilot Rating.  This 2-seat light sport is actually wider than our 4-seat C-172 and only weighs 1,320 lbs at max gross weight.  The avionics package includes the Garmin 300 all digital glass panel.  

In addition to being used for our Sport Pilot program, it can also be rented by all qualified pilots as a low-cost alternative to flying our 4-seat aircraft or to obtain your Private Pilot License.  

C-162 cost: 

        Enrolled students:   (included in package up to 20 flight hours for LSA and 40 flight hours for Private Pilot)
        Normal rental:         $125/hr [*with a 10 hour block $120/hr]

Cessna 172 F

Our C-172F is our lovely lady from 1964. It has a 145 HP engine and holds a total of 4 people. Its classic lines and stable handling characteristics make it a pleasure to fly!

C-172 F cost: 

        Enrolled students:   (Included in package up to 40 Flight Hours)

        Normal Rental:         $140/hr [*with a 10 hour block $135/hr]

Cessna 172 SP

Our C-172SP is our primary training aircraft used for tours and the Private Pilot syllabus.  This aircraft has all-leather interior and boast fuel-injected 180 HP engine.  4 seats on the inside and a full-size baggage compartment means that the C-172 makes a great get-away aircraft as well as the most popular trainer in the world.

C-172SP cost:  
        Enrolled students:   (included in package up to 40 flight hours)
        Normal rental:         $165/hr [*with a 10 hour block $160/hr]

Piper Arrow IV

The Piper Arrow is used for the Instrument Rating and Complex Endorsements.  It is also our most popular cross-country and overnight rental aircraft.  

Arrow IV cost:
        Normal rental:         $175/hr [*with a 10 hour block $170/hr]

Instructor Fees

Atlantic Aviation has flight instructors that are available 7 days a week. We pride ourselves with being able to offer one on one training at to meet all your scheduling needs.  All flight instruction rates are included in our package deals.  

If you want to pay as you go, no problem!

Students that are not enrolled in our package programs will pay $50/hour (our aircraft) for flight instructor services both on the ground & in the air.  

Do you own your own plane and want to learn to fly in it?  We can help!
Students who are not enrolled in our program or wish to use their personal aircraft will pay $60/per hour for instructor services both on the ground & in the air.