Programs and Services

Introductory Flight-$99

Our Introductory Discovery Flight is only $99 per person. No experience or equipment needed. Upgrade to the C172 SP or a passegener can join you in this experience for only $25 more.

You will experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft over the Jacksonville countryside.  You will sit in the pilots seat and our FAA Certified Flight Instructor will guide you through the procedures used to start and taxi the aircraft into position for takeoff on the runway.

Push the throttle forward and feel the power of the aircraft engine as you accelerate and lift off the ground.  What a feeling of freedom!

Student Pilot Experience-$199

This 1 hour flight allows you to experience flight training first hand.  Working one-on-one with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, your experience will begin with an introduction to aviation theory including a discussion on how an airplane flies and how to read an aviation chart.  You’ll be introduced to flight techniques and procedures .  You will receive a logbook and can log this flight time!

The highlight of the experience is an actual flight in a Cessna 162 training aircraft.  The Instructor will talk you through the procedures while you pilot the aircraft across the Jacksonville landscape.

This 1 hour Student Pilot Experience is only $199, and all training time can be credited towards your pilot license!

Sport Pilot Program- only $4,995

Can't get a medical to fly, think the cost is to expensive, want to learn how to fly in half the time?  Check out our Sport Pilot Program!

Our new C-162 is featured in the popular Light Sport Pilot program.  Our 4-phase program provides you the 20 hours required by the FAA to certify as a Sport Pilot.  Our syllabus boasts a fixed price of $4,995, unlimited ground school, and a check-ride guarantee!

    Cessna Online Training Course
     15 dual instruction
      5 solo flights
     25 hours of ground instruction
     Aircraft for flight evaluation with the FAA!

Our Sport Pilot Program does NOT include the following costs, which are paid directly to third parties:
     FAA Written test: $150 paid to the CATS 
                    (Testing facility right next door at A-Cent Aviation) 
     FAA Checkride:    $500 paid to the FAA Examiner

Learn to fly for half the time, half the cost!

Checkride Guarantee - once your instructor signs you off for your checkride, if you fail for any reason we will continue your training at no additional training at no charge. 

Private Pilot Program - Under $10,000

Average cost for a private pilots license is between $10,000-15,000.  Atlantic's 4 phase program is proven to help you get your pilots license for as little as $9,925!

Our 4-phase program boasts a fixed price, unlimited ground school, and a check-ride guarantee!

Phase 1:  Pre-Solo ($2850)
    Cessna Online Training Course
    6 ground lessons
    8 flight lessons

Phase 2:  Solo ($2325)
    3 ground lessons
    7 flight lessons
    1 solo flight around the airport

Phase 3:  Cross Country ($2725)
    5 ground lessons
    5 cross-country flight lessons
    5 solo cross-country flights 

Phase 4:  Check-Ride Preparation ($2025)
    6 ground lessons
    3 flight lessons    
     Aircraft for flight evaluation with the FAA

Checkride Guarantee - once your instructor signs you off for your checkride, if you fail for any reason we will continue your training at no additional training at no charge. 

Unlimited ground school with the Phase program!

Our Private Pilot Program does NOT include the following costs, which are paid directly to third parties:
    Flight physical     $100-$125 paid to an Aviation Medical Examiner 
     FAA Written test:        $150 paid to CATS 
                        (Testing Facility located right next door at A-Cent Aviation)
     FAA Checkride:           $600 paid to the FAA Examiner

Teen Program

!!Consider the Possibilities!!

Your teen has expressed an interest in aviation.

This interest may develop into a lifelong passion or lead to an exciting career. 

The Teen Aviation Flight Program is designed to allow your teen to explore the world of aviation by participating in a structured training program of ground and flight experience.

This program can be scheduled on a recurring basis to fit any budget. Most parents find that a lesson conducted every other month is enough to keep the teens interest while they learn.  It can even be used as a reward for maintaining a desired GPA!

Each lesson explores one aspect of pilot training. The information is the same as that presented in our pilot flight training programs.

The lessons are recorded in a Pilot Log Book and the accumulated time can be applied toward the requirements for earning a Private Pilot License.

Each lesson is just $195!  Get started today with a Starter Book Packet and schedule the next lesson!

Other Programs

We offer the following ratings and endorsements below.  Please call, email or visit for more information and pricing.

Instrument Rating
Commercial Rating
Complex Endorsement
Ground Instructor

We hire the Commercial pilots and CFIs and CFIIs we train.  Get a job after you train with us!

Birthday Parties

Make this birthday one your child will remember forever!  This party puts your child and up to 11 guests in the Captain Seat for an aviation-themed birthday party.  There will be 3 "stations" for the guests to take part in.

Flight Station 1
The highlight of the event, as each guest takes to the skies in our airplane on an unforgettable aerial tour around the airport.  Four separate flights will be flown by our FAA Certified Flight Instructor, each carrying up to 3 passengers.

Flight Station 2
Guests will be invited to climb aboard and explore an airplane for a fascinating hands-on experience and photo opportunity.  Each guest will receive a Photo Flight Certificate with their aviation themed party bag.

Flight Station 3
Aviation related activities and games.

This 3 hour event includes:

            hot dog bbq  or pizza                aircraft cake w/ candles
            aircraft flight                              online party invitations
            aircraft exploration                aviation related activities
            flight photo certificate           aviation themed party bag
All of the above for $595

Corporate team building parties also available.